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Gil & Debbie Calderon

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What We Do  
We provide opportuities for the Gospel and the love of God to be shared with the people of Mexico! 
The major ministries of the Mexican Mission Organization:
1. Financial support:
a. Preachers
b. Instructor at the IBN Bible College in Queretaro MX
b. Students at the Bible College IBN in Queretaro MX
2. Church Construction
a. Purchasing property
b. Construction materials
c. Assistance in building a roof
d. Hosting work crews
Areas of Construction
Valle Dorado
        Cabo San Lucas
         Merida, Yucatan
         Campo Militar, Queretaro
         San Pedro Martir, Queretaro  
Others areas as needs arise
3) Service and Repair Christian workers' vehicles
a. Facility for vehicle repair in Queretaro, MX
b. Local and out-of-town service and repair
5) Other Services
a) Metal work (doors, windows, roof structures) for churches   
b) Help Christian workers (preachers, teachers)
c) Fill in work of Preaching/Teaching/Revivals
d) Bible resources for preachers
NOTE: They will be working one month in Mexico, one month in U.S.