Tower Hill Christian Church


Here at THCC we are grateful to be able to team up with so many great missionaries both locally and around the world.  God has truly blessed THCC through the years in the area of missions.  We pray that we continue to be faithful in giving to missions and making disciples.

THCC Missions Prayer Guide:

 THCC seeks to fulfill God’s mission for the world through our evangelistic hearts.  The money we give to missions supports the missionaries and ministries highlighted in this prayer guide.

Dave & Ruth Hinson

Work with the Christian Japanese Mission to facilitate and support the Kinan Church and church planting. They also teach English and work with the youth of the area. 

Bob Marsh

Serve in Joplin, Missouri by providing Spanish translation and printing services of Christian books through ARM (American Rehabilitation Ministries) Hispanic prison ministry outreach.

Bond Christian Service Camp

A church camp in Mulberry Grove, Illinois. Bond focuses on spiritual growth and education. It is a place for all ages to come and enjoy God’s creation through camps and retreats.

Wayne and Greta Meece

Work with Team Expansion in Louisville, Kentucky. Serving as Director of Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, they recruit and train new missionaries, interviewing and advising them.

Gil & Debbie Calderon

Work with the Mexican Missionary Organization and with the churches in the Queretaro and Merida areas. This mission helps support preachers, build churches, distribute supplies and many other needs to the people in the area.

International Conference on Missions

ICOM provides different support services to missionaries around the world. ICOM helps keep the local church informed about the frontlines of the mission field

Roujee & Juliet Morris

Roujee works with the Liberia Christian Mission in the Ivory Coast and helps teach the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program.

Lincoln Christian University

An institution of higher education in Lincoln, Illinois. LCU seeks to nurture and equip Christians with a biblical worldview to serve and lead in the church and in the world.

Myanmar Agape Christian Mission

MACM is directed by Dr. Lazarus Fish near the border of Myanmar & China. This mission has two main objectives:  1. Leadership training programs at Yangon Christian College and Seminary and China Border Training Center. 2. Evangelism and church planting in Yangon, Tanai and in northeastern Shan state.  MACM has trained hundreds of ministry leaders in both Myanmar and China for more than two decades.

Oil Belt Christian Service Camp

"Making Discples of Jeus through the teaching of God's Word." Oil Belt offers summer camps and more for kids of all ages.  Oil Belt focuses on 3 core values in all of it's programming: Worship, Biblical Teaching and Small Groups. We belive the games may change, the music may be louder and have more technology, but those 3 core values stand the test of time to point people to Christ!

Orchard Group

Believes starting new churches is the best way to reach new residents, new people groups, and new generations with the Christian gospel, while bringing about enduring , positive, change in out world. They have planted hundreds of churches on the east coast and beyond. They now include the ministry of Restoration House Ministries.

Tony & Kelsey Collins

Both are originally from central Il and were previous missionaries in New Zealand. They are currently church planters in San Diego, California working with Momentum Christian Church. Their current project is called Church 180.


Have a passion to reach those who have never heard the Gospel. Because of the huge numbers of unreached people, they are burdened for South Asia. They will be sent out by Team Expansion and will complete a two year Quest internship and then transition into full time.

JFive Ministries—Nathan & Sue Eversole

A Ministry that began with a vision to open a home in Shelbyville, IL for young survivors of sex trafficking. They will equip & empower survivors through holistic restoration. 

Jeff & Mary Silkwood

Jeff and Mary Silkwood are second-generation missionaries serving in Thailand through North Burma Christian Mission. The Silkwoods have always known that their purpose in life was to share the love of Christ to the nations.

Chad Rehnberg

Chad Rehnberg, from the inner city west end of Louisville, KY—serves as the facilitator of Team Expansion’s D-Course. Focused on training new workers to launch disciple-making movements—both for his neighborhood and for the nations.

Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission

This mission seeks to endorse qualified leaders so that they may serve in various types of military Chaplaincy programs.

Inner City Mission

Located in Springfield, Illinois, this ministry reaches the homeless through Bible studies, shelter, food, clothing and other needs of the people there. 


Rosella Hostetler and Helen Morrison organized the first missionary group in 1953. Helen served as president and Ilene Whitlatch as vice president.  In 1975, the Faith Promise Rally was begun with Dallas Nickel and Evangelist Gilbert Forrest. Mark Cutler was named Mission Chairman and the church began to focus on mission giving more intentionally. Many of our missions have become long-term partnerships:

Prison Evangelism — Steve Higgs                                                                                   1975—2017         

Christian Japanese Mission — Dave & Ruth Hinson                                                       1975—present

Lincoln Christian University                                                                                             1975—present

Bond Christian Service Camp                                                                                          1975—present

African Christian Mission — Ron Butler                                                                           1976—1984

Peru Missions/A.R.M — Hispanic Ministry Outreach (Bob and Mary Marsh)                    1977—present

Blair & Lynn Wagner — Liberia, Africa                                                                            1980—1981

Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission                                                                           1981—present

Mission Services Association                                                                                          1981—present

Liberia Christian Mission/Team Expansion — Wayne & Greta Meece                           1981—present

Pioneer Bible Translators — Tim & Christie Meece                                                       1982—1996

Roujee & Juliet Morris                                                                                                    1984—present

Inner City Mission of Springfield                                                                                    1987—present

Operation New England — Ray Poulit                                                                            1990—1996

Mexican Missionary Organization                                                                                  1997—present

Restoration House Ministry                                                                                           1997—present

Curt Nordhielm — Restoration House Ministry                                                             1999-2010

Fair Havens Christian Home                                                                                          2002—present

David Sarkar —  India                                                                                                     2007—2018

Tony & Kelsey Collins — Church Plants in California (formerly New Zealand)             2010—present

Les & Sarah Evans — Japan                                                                                          2012—2015

Jason Rust & Erica Stone — The Raining Season                                                        2012—2018

In God’s Hands — Community Outreach                                                                        2017-present

J5 Ministries — Human Trafficking                                                                               2018-present

Jeff & Mary Silkwood — Thailand                                                                                  2018-present

Chad Rehnberg — Team Expansion                                                                               2018-present